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Focus on customer satisfactory, striving to get excellent customer experience.

Professional pre-sales service team and effective CCMP procedure to proactive listen the voice of Customers.

Himel is a company who is committed to high quality products; Customer oriented Service and continuous Improvement.

Himel has set an organizational structure of quality function complies to ISO9001 and ISO14001 delivering a sound system and process to control quality from product concept right through to full production.

Himel always focuses on production line and process safety improvement to eliminate any risk to employees, customers and the environment!

Our products meet the following international Standards certified by undisputable international certification bodies:

IEC 60898-1 , IEC 60947-2 , IEC 60947-3 , IEC 60947-4-1 , IEC 60947-5 , IEC 60947-5-1 , IEC 61009-1 , IEC 61008 , IEC 61095 , IEC 60947.5 , IEC 61643 , IEC 60439-1 , IEC 606670 , IEC 60044-1 , IEC 620531-21 , IEC 60051 , EN 6100-6-2 , EN 61000-6-4 , EN 61558-1 , IEC 60269 , IEC 60309-1-2 , EN 60529.

Whenever needed , Himel applies for national certification .

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