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Our global footprint and technology allows to provide the best combination of affordable and reliable offers to over 50 countries
We’re committed to providing innovative solutions that address the energy paradox: balancing our planet’s carbon footprint with the irrefutable human right to quality energy
Qualified energy doesn’t have to come with high cost. We are devoted to provide customers qualified products with affordable costs

Himel is a multinational manufacturer and provider of electrical products successfully combining global expertise with local knowledge.

Founded by a Spanish entrepreneur in 1958, the company pioneered in exporting quality electrical enclosures, establishing Himel brand globally. Today, our global footprint and technology enable us to provide the best combination of affordable and reliable offers for Low Voltage Power distribution, Industry Automation and Home Electric to our long-term customers and partners in over 50 countries where we are present.

Our Vision

Without discriminating who you are, big or small business, we value your business (from a financial and image perspective). We value Opportunities for All.

Our Mission

We provide access to the best combination of affordable and reliable electrical offers. We use our technology to provide standardized quality. We use our global footprint to ensure price competitiveness for what you need, not exposing you to overpaying or purchasing counterfeits.

Our Mindset

We think in global standards:

  • International application ensures that we leverage ideas and inspirations from our diverse teams and use cases globally
  • International technology with value engineering, mainly manufactured in China ensures low cost, reliable products
  • International and proprietary automation standards with production lines, assures optimization, standardization and precision, hence assurance on quality
  • International platform through digitization ensures better efficiency, consistency and visibility
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