Inspiring Leader Feature 2022


Shrinivas Chebbi, the Global Head of Himel Business gets featured in The CEO Magazine — Inspiring Leaders of 2022

Himel, as a fast-growing business, is reimagining the value brand space. Value-engineered offers, deep local network, and ground-up partner collaboration are core to our purpose-driven brand. Focusing on strategic imperatives of affordability, safety, and accessibility our Global Head of Business Shrinivas Chebbi is confident that the brand is set to make a bigger impact.

“We were fast in adapting to new normal. At the onset of the pandemic, we accelerated the set-up of a digital framework. Our ecommerce channels are more mature and far-reaching than ever. My goal is to have Himel products available across the globe through all leading channels.” Shrinivas Chebbi, the Global Head of Himel Business makes a point to The CEO Magazine, for their exclusive feature on inspiring EMEA leaders.

The company is focusing on enabling digital retailing, a still nascent area in electrical products, with Himel products available at Amazon UAE. “Himel is the first of its kind to go online in a retail way, quickly,” he points out. “In the value brand space, online penetration is not common. It is the age of digital and I am glad that we are already here.”

In other countries, Shrinivas says the products are offered through leading regional ecommerce channels, managed through a solid network of distributors. “Our distributors are digital-savvy. Online retailing for electrical products is an exciting space and our partners are capturing it very well. We are also in an advanced stage of having a central online shop,” he reveals. “Bricks-and-mortar or online, we want our products to be easily accessible.

“In 2022, we want to focus on flexibility and convenience for customers. Online or offline, they should have a seamless experience. Our supply chain is robust and adaptive. Customer and partner centricity is our theme for this year.”

Shrinivas’s next goal is to build a more robust partner ecosystem. “Himel has proven its mantle me and again. Our relationships are grounded in meeting customer and partner expectations,” he explains. “It’s not transactional start-stop. Our network is the result of years spent working together and understanding each other’s needs and aspirations.

“We are expanding our footprint in the emerging economies, forging stronger alliances and collaborations with the local players, both physical and digital. That way, we can create a really robust ecosystem to pass on the benefit of reliable and affordable products.

“Ethical, sustainable partnerships start with the sharing of values, vision and mission, and also with transparency and trust-building – trust is an enabler for everything. We believe in strong collaborations where we both win. We believe that, like us, our partners need to be agile and share our vision for disruption. If we can build a joint ambition and aspiration together, it really is the north star to our mutual success.”


This article was originally published in The CEO Magazine. An exclusive copy of the complete article can be accessed here