Digital Customer Meet 2021


On-Demand Content Digital Customer MEET 2021

Recordings of our live exclusive Digital Meet 2021 are now available on-demand.

You can now avail of plenary and regional sessions, videos, marketing collaterals, product documents, and much more for FREE over an engaging and interactive virtual platform—at your home or office, at a time of your convenience.

As a brand that wants to be closer to its consumer's hearts, we continually seek & embrace change, and now more than ever our “Glocal” mantra is clearly reflected in the way our business operates, creating new opportunities, best practices and market demand with Partnership, Agility and Resilience. We are proud and honored to be shaping this New Future with You by our side.

Himel Digital Customer Meet 2021 features our vision, strategy, and goals to upscale operations, efficiency, and productivity—refreshing our brand identity, becoming more Digital, more Omnipresent and increasing our footprint in the retail markets, globally led by Our Partners. Watch as our leaders and experts speak on how we have leveraged every challenge as a potential for growth, led by example and stayed ahead of our game.


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