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HIMEL is a global manufacturer and provider of robust, reliable and safe electrical products

Our mission is to make efficient and reliable power easily accessible to people, wherever they are-home, office, industrial or commercial facility.

The Beginning

1958: Hispano Mecano Electrica or 'Himel' was incorporated in Spain

Founded in Capellades, the prime industrial town of its time

Hispano Mecano Electrica started as Hispano Radio in post-war Spain. Hispano Radio was one of several small factory workshops which developed as a consequence of the growing importance of the radio sector. Later it moved from radio production to supplying electrical material to order. In 1960, the company began assembling control panels and lighting shades.

The Beginning Revised


1976: Himel starts exporting electrical enclosures out of Spain

Strategic and coordinated growth in the international market

The late 1960s earmarked Himel’s continued growth and investment in its own brands. In nearly twenty years, 1964-1982, the production plant expanded significantly. Growth in human resources, setting up of new departments, and machinery sophistication happened parallelly. From a small workshop to an increasingly more advanced factory, Himel had set its course to the higher road.

Himel About Us 1976

The Evolution

1980s-1990s: Adapting with the needs of the time, constantly

Purposeful momentum to seize new opportunities

As an organization, Himel has always strived to adapt, transform, and expand its business. From kitchen dressers to industrial furniture—the company has tried diverse product lines, pushing its perceived limits. In 1983 Himel celebrated the first 25 years in business, a remarkable feat in the tumultuous Spanish economy. From here on, the company fast-tracked its ambition to a global presence.


The Expansion

1990s -2000s: Established multinational manufacturer and provider of electrical products

Global footprint, rooted in local expertise

New operational plans to foster quality aspects in all the company circles were put in place. This earmarked acquisition of certifications complying with international standards and putting rigorous checks in place for quality assurance. The company later pronounced its commitment to leadership in the domestic market with a stronger overseas projection.

Himel About 1990s

The Present

2000 onward: Constant innovation in products and services

Multinational legacy built on trust and reliability

In 2004, Himel started production at its new factory located in China. Further, in 2009, Himel redefined its brand strategy, launching its range of low-voltage power products. Seven years later, in 2016, Himel targeted new economies launching 3 series, an innovative range of value-engineered products. In 2019, we further expanded our business by widening the product portfolio into home electrical and industrial automation.

Himel About 2020

The trust of our millions of customers and partners helps us deliver excellence.

We are a global manufacturer and supplier of electric products for Low Voltage Power Distribution, Final Distribution, Power Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric offers. Backed with a legacy of 60+ years and a footprint in 50+ countries—we are leaders in value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities sectors.

Our Story

We value the opportunity of working with everyone irrespective of their scale of business. Himel's portfolio offers you the best quality products at par with international standards and competitive pricing. Our relationships are based on strong mutual trust with all stakeholders—including partners, distributors, suppliers, customers, and employees—which help us deliver 100% satisfaction.


Hispano Mecano Electrica, "Himel" company is incorporated in Spain as a manufacturer of electromechanical products.


Himel starts international expansion, exporting products out of Spain.


Himel starts production at new state-of-the-art facility located in China.


Himel brand strategy is redefined: Launch of low-voltage power products.


Himel brand targets upcoming economies launching 3 series, an innovative range of value-engineered products.


Himel business is enlarged with wider products portfolio into Home Electric & Industrial Automation.


Expansion of Home Electric portfolio with the launch of Prime V2 Series & Electrical Insulation Tape.


Year of grand offer expansion - Launch of BLISS Series, SMART Devices, SOLAR VSD, ELCB, ATSE, Axial Fan, Soft Starters, etc.


Offer diversification continues – Launch of Digital Multimeter, Clamp Meter, RCBO & more to come.