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Connected homes made affordable



Himel Smart makes connected products in your home easy by providing a simple and accessible solution. Usable anytime, anywhere even when you are away, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a Smart Phone.


The range consists of:


WIFI Modules:

Add HIMEL Smart WIFI Switch to your existing in-wall switch - No need to replace your original switches, just hide one module in the electrical box behind your switch, and wires in between your switch and the connected loads. You can easily upgrade your switches to WIFI enabled.


WIFI Plugs:

Simple plug and play HIMEL Smart plug enables you to control the power outlet with the HIMEL APP or Voice control or by push of the physical button which is on it. Just plug into your regular old wall outlet then plug any device into the smart plug.


WIFI Bulb:

HIMEL Smart Bulb makes home lighting more fun and comfortable. You can control the color and intensity of home lights from the convenience of your smartphone, or voice control. It has separate warm white, cold white and color LEDs.


- Complete control anywhere, anytime

- Remote control by HIMEL SMART APP

- Voice control by Google home & Amazon Alexa

- Timer Schedule

- Family Sharing

- Easy to connect and use

- Very low power consumption

- Compact design and small size


The Himel Smart solution is enabling you to take control of your environment and have access to a better quality of life while encouraging eco-awareness through reduction of electricity consumption.

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