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Ever missed turning off your microwave while rushing to the office or wished your lighting can brighten or dim as per the time of the day? Himel Smart Devices offer you easy home automation with plug-and-play devices - Smart Plug, Smart Dimmer Module, and Switch Module.

With these affordable products, you can control home appliances with your smartphone or voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Through automated turn on/off and scheduling functions, you can minimize phantom load and save up to 1000 KWs each year! Moreover, compliance with international certifications assures you of security and reliability, anytime anywhere.

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Control small devices and plug-
in lamps, from anywhere


Sync your light with your mood.
16 Million colours available


Turn your non-connected
switches to WiFi enabled onces.

Energy Saving

Save 500-1000 KW
Each Year

Greater Safety

Made with superior grade
polycarbonate materials

Go Handsfree

Use voice commands through
Amazon Alexa/ Google Home

Operate From Anywhere

Control all connected equipment
via the mobile app

Easier Installation

Can be installed
in seconds

International Certifications

For information security, cloud integrity,
and identity protection

How to pair Himel Smart Devices with Smart Life application

Convenience | Safety | Automation | Power Saving

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Socket Outlet Standard: British, Euro, American

Remote Control: Himel App

Voice Control: Google Home / Amazon Alexa

Just download the Himel Smart App and control all Himel devices anywhere, anytime with just one tap.

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