Himel Magnetic Starters for Glitch Free Start and Stop


The magnetic starters are electromagnetic switches which are used to operate electrical motors or aid in control applications of a motor circuit. This includes the starting of motor, its stopping, protection against overload or other such potential dangers and even the reversal movements of an electric motor. A magnetic starter has specifically a set of contacts, which is electromagnetically controlled and are known as contactors, helping in starting or to stop the motor. This in turn provides the safest method for a motor operation with a larger load.

How does a Magnetic Starter operate?

To get into the details, we first need to understand that a starter has two circuits, power circuit and a control circuit, irrespective of whether it is a manual starter or a magnetic starter. Power circuit directly feeds supply to the terminals of the motor through the motor protection relays. This power circuit, though, is governed by a control circuit, which has a contactor facilitating the flow of current to the motor terminals. When the start command is generated, an electromagnet in the contactor is energised, creating an electromagnetic field. This pulls up the contact, from an open position and closes the circuit thus powering up the motor. To stop the motor, one must disengage or press the stop button.

Himel HDS3 Magnetic Starters

 HDS3 is Himel 3 series range of Magnetic Starter mainly used for the operations of three-phase induction motors with a maximum rated working current up to 95Amp. Himel Magnetic Starters comes with a 3 frame sizes and is available in plastic or metal housing. The HDS3 magnetic starters have an ingress protection rating IP54 and finds its application in Machine tool, hoisting machinery, textile machinery, building material machines, welding machines and HVAC

Selection Code

Let us understand the selection codes for Himel Magnetic Starter. To start with the first few letters of the code. HDS3 is the range of starter. This is followed by the frame sizes, 18 for 18Amp, 38 for 38Amp and subsequently 95. Next is the letter, B, mentioning the operating type which is with push button. This is followed up the numbers denoting the rated current of the magnetic starter. To follow it, is the letter C/F/S/M/Q/L/X signifying the coil voltage which starts from 36V and varies up to 440V. The next number is the AC frequency 50/60Hz. This is then followed by rating of the thermal relay, which comes in three different configurations. Post that are the details of the housing of magnetic starters, metal, or plastic.

Power and Current Ratings

Himel magnetic starters comes with an operating current of 9A and extends up to 95A. It can be used for a motor rating of 4kW and stack up till 45kW or 60Hp.

Mechanical & Electrical endurance

Himel magnetic starters are extremely robust and is tested for about 10,000 mechanical and electrical operations. The HDS3-38 with plastic housing is even more mechanically durable in terms of operation.

Environmental Requirements

The installation position of the magnetic starters is well defined and the inclination to the vertical plane should not exceed 5degrees to the positive or negative. Moreover, it should be installed in a medium with no explosion danger, and minimum metal corrosion possibility. It should be snow-proof and lack of water vapour. The installation should be without significant shock or vibration. Furthermore, the atmospheric relative humidity does not exceed 50% when the highest temperature is 40-degree C.