Himel Soft Starters | Compact Motor Starting Solution


Motor starters are electric device which offer protection and ensure safe start and stop of an electric motor. There are numerous motor starters, but soft starters play a pivotal role as they function on the voltage reduction technique using SCRs or thyristors to start and stop electric motors.

The starting current of an electrical motor is around 7-10 times greater than the maximum full load current of the motor. This sudden inrush of current results in mechanical abrasion and jerks, which decreases the life cycle of the motor and even the electrical system associated with it. The soft starters limit the torque, offering a linear and a very gradual increase in voltage to start a motor. The motor slowly and smoothly accelerates to attain the required speed without going through the wear and tear because of the high inrush current. Post attaining the required rated speed, the soft starter, starts acting as a switch allowing the full voltage supply in the electrical circuit.

The solid-state electronic devices in a soft starter can be used to control any of the phases of voltage supply to an electric motor (induction motor) or by controlling all the three phases, which offers the best results. For a three-phase motor, thyristors are connected in reverse parallel configuration for each of the phases. This is powered up by a transformer and a rectifier circuit through a microcontroller and thermal overload relay. The circuit is accompanied by another circuit, which by-passes the full voltage when the rated speed is attained.

Himel HASBS Soft Starters

 Himel Basic HASBS is a completely digital - intelligent soft-starter for asynchronous motors to effectively control the operations of asynchronous motor and serves an alternate to reduced-voltage motor starters like star-delta, resistance/reactance, or auto transformer methods. With the unique and compact design, the soft starters from Himel focus on human and equipment safety. These find application in all commercial and industrial setups which involve pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, and even complex and advanced machines.

Selection Tools & Capacity Range

Himel Soft starters are available in two ranges, XS which stands for expert series and BS, the basic protection series. Soft starters are available in both the ranges for motors starting from 11 kW and ranging up till 600 kW. Talking of the reference tool, the first five letters denote the range and series name, which is followed by an alphanumeric two letters, denoting the input voltage and phase. Next is the rating of the motor and to end up is P/G seeking whether the motor is normal or heavy duty.

Multiple Start Methods

The soft starters from Himel offer multiple start methods, which includes current limit soft start, ramp voltage soft start and ramp voltage + current limit soft start. These aid in meeting different application needs and can be tailored as per the requirements.

Motor Protections

To protect the motors against abnormalities and rough electrical parameters, Himel Soft starters are equipped with motor protection relays ensuring overcurrent and overload protection, phase-loss protection, overheating and three-phase imbalances.

High Robustness

With a compact design and 3 sets of thyristors to control start/stop voltage providing better performance, safety, and reliability along with the high anti-interference capabilities, Himel HASBS/XS offer better electromagnetic immunity against signal noises. The unique compact design with double-layer shell consisting of plastic upper layer and a metal layer at the bottom makes it durable and aesthetically beautiful.

Easy to use

Himel soft starters have an 8 segment LED display to monitor different parameters and troubleshooting. It offers quick diagnosis and easy tuning.

Selection References

These softy starters have a start mode and setting parameters based on the voltage, current and load designs. It serves the purpose for standard loads such as centrifugal pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors and works equally fine for heavy loads such as that of ball mill, crushers, etc.