Explore patented anti-explode technology of Himel HBSM capacitors


Power factor correction techniques are pivotal in optimising electrical circuits, primarily utilising capacitors or synchronous condensers.

Himel's HBSM box-type power factor correction capacitors, with or without reactors, cater to low-voltage distribution requirements with remarkable efficiency. Salient features include minimal medium and temperature losses, extended service life, and automatic metal spraying for enhanced stability. These capacitors find versatile applications in low-voltage distribution cabinets, reactive power compensation cabinets, package substations, and power lines, withstanding voltage transients and variations without compromising performance.

Compactness and Lightweight

Utilising polypropylene film as the dielectric material results in a significantly reduced size and weight, enhancing operational safety and convenience.

Low Power Loss

 With actual power loss under 0.1%, HBSM capacitors offer exceptional cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Reliability and Safety

Equipped with low-voltage self-healing capabilities, these capacitors ensure precise compensation, fostering a more reliable and secure electrical system.

Patented anti-explode technology

Delving into the construction of capacitors reveals a design comprising two parallel metallic plates, closely spaced and insulated by a dielectric material. Himel capacitors, boasting polypropylene metalized film as dielectric, are encased in cylindrical aluminium containers, encapsulated within an eco-friendly semisolid gel.

Applying voltage across the capacitor's metallic plates creates an electric field, storing positive and negative charges, a phenomenon known as capacitance. However, exceeding the rated voltage can compromise the dielectric's insulation, resulting in a short-circuit surge, potentially leading to capacitor explosion. Himel prioritises continuous quality enhancement through automated production and unparalleled consistency.

The patented anti-explode technology of HBSM capacitors incorporates thin metal film materials and polypropylene dielectric, enhancing self-healing capabilities and ensuring safety. Notable benefits include a reduction of 18% in maximum pull-out force and a 27% increase in minimum pull-out force, thereby extending capacitor lifespan.

Economical Solutions with HBSM Capacitors

HBSM capacitors feature a self-discharge characteristic, reducing residual voltage to 50V or below within three minutes of a power failure, enhancing cost-effectiveness. Additionally, their compact size and lightweight design contribute to higher compensation accuracy, optimising system efficiency and reducing operational costs. Incorporating advanced technology and vacuum wax injection further enhances capacitor lifespan by over 20%, translating to long-term cost savings.

Elevating Power Factor Correction

In conclusion, Himel's HBSM capacitors represent a paradigm shift in power factor correction, combining cutting-edge technology with robust safety features and cost-effective solutions. By prioritising reliability, efficiency, and safety, these capacitors empower industries to achieve optimal performance and sustainable operations in the dynamic landscape of modern electrical systems.