Explore Patented Arc Chamber Design of Himel’s HDM3 MCCB


Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) represent indispensable electrical switchgears engineered to safeguard against overcurrent and short circuit situations, surpassing the capacities of conventional miniature circuit breakers, with ratings ranging from 125Amps to 1600 Amps. Employing temperature and current-sensitive trip mechanisms, MCCBs function as critical components for electrical disconnection. However, manual disconnection may trigger arcing within the MCCB chamber post-contact opening. Himel's patented design ensures swift arc extinction, preserving operational integrity. Let's explore the distinctive features of Himel MCCBs in detail.

HDM3 Double Deck Design: Revolutionising Installation

MCCB installation often entails intricacies due to the multitude of wires and accessories involved. Himel's innovative double deck cover design streamlines installation and accessory removal, fostering convenience and safety. This design segregates accessories from the main circuit, enhancing operational safety and facilitating maintenance-free installation of mounting accessories. Each accessory can be procured separately, facilitating inventory management and reducing stockpile.

HDM3 Patent Arc Chamber Design: Enhancing Safety

Frequent activation of MCCBs as electrical disconnection switches can induce arcing upon contact opening, potentially damaging the circuit breaker. Himel's HDM3 incorporates a patented arc chamber system that swiftly extinguishes arcs, confining them within extra-cushioned side and back walls. This revolutionary design minimises the risk of main contact burns and elevates the MCCB's short-circuit breaking capacity (Icu/Ics), ensuring stable and safe operations.

Compact Design: Maximising Space Utilisation

Efficient space utilisation is paramount in electrical panel design, necessitating compact MCCBs that optimise panel layout. Himel's HDM3 sets a benchmark in compactness, significantly outperforming competing products in size comparison. For instance, Himel's 100AF size equals a competitor's 63AF size, while the 630AF size rivals a competitor's 400AF size. This compact design not only enhances panel space allocation but also improves safety distances between switchgears, fostering safer operations.

HDM3L PCBA Design: Ensuring Robust Performance

The HDM3L's advanced PCBA design isolates the main circuit, mitigating heat and temperature impacts, thereby extending MCCB lifespan. Rigorous endurance testing in harsh environments underscores its robustness, rendering it suitable for operation even in challenging conditions. Notably, the HDM3L withstands special tests at temperatures up to 60°C and humidity of 90% over a 72-hour period, exemplifying its resilience and reliability.

The Power of Choice: Opt for Himel MCCBs

In conclusion, Himel's MCCBs epitomise excellence in electrical protection, combining cutting-edge design with unmatched safety features and robust performance. Whether enhancing installation convenience, maximising safety, or ensuring long-term reliability, Himel MCCBs stand as the epitome of quality and innovation in the realm of electrical switchgears.