Click Series

Modular switches and sockets

The best secret of electricians!



    Click Series is characterized by its rounded shape and polished effect. Its modern and discrete design will provide a better experience at home.


    The range consists of:



    Click Series has been designed with easiness in mind. Big Rocker or Small for options. From 1 gang to 4 gangs, 1 way to 3 way, to meet all demands.



    All our sockets are available with shutters to protect from electric shock. Thanks to our quick connection terminals, electricians save 40% of their installation time. No need screwdriver anymore, just clips and go.


    Telecommunication outlets:

    Click is also bringing new features such as a USB socket or sensory switches. Offer your customer access to the network to connect to the internet, watch television or place a phone call, anywhere in their home.


    Dimmers / Fan / Sensor regulators:

    Based on a traditional dimmer and fan switches, this series comes with a new function for sensor switches.


    - Quick connection to save up to 40% of your time

    - 39 functionalities for wide application

    - 5 different colors

    - USB sockets dimmers for future-ready

    - Modern and discrete design

    - Best in class quality


    Click Series is available in 39 functionalities.

    It will fit in any home, for every application.

    Enhance the ambiance of your home by playing with our different finishes: classic white design, gold, and metallic for something which stands out, or coffee or black for a natural effect.

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120.90 MB



Click Series warranty is 10 years

Automatic wiring method? Quick wiring without screws

We don't recommend to use soft cables with Click Series as it will be difficult to install multi soft cables in one terminal.

Yes they come with shutter and anti-single pole insert protection, can protect from electric shock.

Click is using copper material, better conductivity and lower temperature rise than brass.