Prime V2 Series

British Wiring Devices

Minimalist Design, Complete Functions




    Prime V2 is available with more than 100 functionalities. To meet just about any residential, commercial, and industrial application.


    The range consists of:


    Flush Switches:

    All products meet the latest IEC standards and are manufactured from robust materials chosen to withstand everyday use for years to come. Ensuring maximum safety and reliability. Switch choice between large and conventional small rocker, up to 6 gangs.


    Socket Outlets:

    The sockets are suitable for up to 250V. Most of our sockets come with USB outlets to make your life convenient.


    Telecommunication Accessories:

    Our range includes TV socket, computer socket, satellite socket, and telephone socket, ensuring social communication in your life.


    Dimmer and Fan Control Switches:

    Our range includes fan control switches and dimmers, ensuring safety and long life.


    Hotel Accessories:

    Our range includes a touch delay switch, voice control switch, doorbell switch with "do not disturb”, human body sensor switch, insert card for power, and shaver socket, ensuring convenient life in the hotel.


    Smartphone Holder:

    Quick and easy to install, to stick your smartphone anywhere.


    -Minimalist Design: Simple and pure products design brings us new enjoyment. Only two steps to finish the installation.


    -Complete Functions: More than 100 functions


    -High-quality flame-retardant material: Using imported material, hard, abrasion-resistant, and fingerprint resistant, can prevent scratch during the process of production and use


    -High precision copper: Compare with the traditional switch 3mm diameter silver contact, we use 4mm, this can improve the lifetime to 80,000 times. It is twice that of the traditional one.


    -Backside in metal: Compared with the traditional 1.3mm or 1.1 mm metal plate, Prime V2 series uses a 1.5mm metal plate.


    Prime V2 is designed for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as Residential, Commercial buildings, Offices, and Hotels.

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Himel PRIME V2 Wiring Devices

Can improve the life time to 80,000 times. It is twice than the traditional one.

Differentiations are in the following:
(1) Accuracy
- Servo motor type is +/-4%
- Relay type is +/-8%
(2) Voltage regulation speed
- Servo motor type: ?1s
- Relay type: ?10ms
(3) Component for regulating voltage
- Servo motor type: carbon brush
- Relay type: relay
(4) Capacity
- Servo motor type: up to 30KVA for single-phase, and up to 2000KVA for three-phase
- Relay type: up to 12KVA for single-phase, and not available for three-phase"

Yes, 2 handsets are ok.

Prime V2 Series warranty is 10 years

The sensing distance is within 5 meters (angle 120˚)

The delay time is 30-45 seconds. It can't be adjusted