Variable speed drives for 0.4..160 kW motors

Specialist drive for solar pump applications



    Himel SOLAR VSD is an innovative solution that uses solar power as a reliable energy source for pumping water. It maximizes the solar energy to run the pump for the maximum duration in a day by controlling the speed of the motor based on the power available from the solar panel.


    The SOLAR series variable speed drives cover solar pumps with the following ratings:


    0.4...4 kW, 220 V single-phase AC

    0.75...160 kW, 380..440 V three-phase AC

    0.4...4 kW, 220 V for single phase motor


    Build-in MPPT

    -Maximum power point tracking ensures that you get the most power output possible from your solar panels and maximizes the performance of your pump throughout the day

    Dual supply (AC & DC) capability

    -The VSD is customized to operate in dual supply mode, so the grid-connected supply is used in the absence of energy from PV cells

    Automatic start and stop according to the power of solar cell

    -With water level detection in the tank and pump overload and under-load protection

    Easy to use

    -Compact design

    -Easy to install on Din-rail

    -It can run with the default setting, no parameter setting is required

    -One-key recovery function

    Special program function

    -Energy meter

    -Flow calculation

    -Support single phase motor water pump

    Pump-specific protection

    -Dry run detection

    -Voltage limit

    -Overvoltage, overcurrent, overload protection

    -Phase-loss protection

    -Short-circuit protection


    Typical solar pumps used in:


    -Domestic water supply

    -Fish farming



    -Swimming pool etc...

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