Soft Starters with integrated contactor for asynchronous motors from 11 to 600kW

Himel Expert soft starter(HASXS) is an advanced soft-starter with a built-in bypass contactor that can control the starting inrush current of asynchronous motors.




    Himel Expert Soft-starter(HASXS) is an advance soft-starter to control the starting and stopping of asynchronous motors via voltage control. It can cover motors from 11kW to 600kW. HASXS comes with a built-in bypass contactor hence reducing the total number of external components required by the system.


    The starting inrush current to the motor is controlled by managing the voltage to the motor. Silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) are used to control the voltage. These SCRs are bypassed at the end of starting phase using built-in contactor.


    Integrated keypad allows user to program the soft-starter and monitor different parameters according to the customer requirements.


    Integrated bypass contactor.


    HASXS has 3 starting modes: current-limit, voltage ramp and current limit + voltage ramp.


    High performance microprocessor makes it highly reliable.


    Opto-electronic isolation provides high anti-interference performance.


    New optimized and compact design


    Built-in protections include overcurrent, phase loss, short circuit and overheat.


    User can monitor different system parameters hence making it easy to maintain


    Himel Expert soft-starter (HASXS) is designed for rugged applications with the focus on safety and reduced commissioning times. It can be used in typical building or industrial applications:


    - Pumps


    - Fans


    - Compressors


    - Conveyers


    - Complex and advanced machines

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